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Parador's Owners - Larry & Rebecca Majewski

Larry and Rebecca's story begins almost two decades ago when they first met while working at Mr. B's - A Bartolotta Steakhouse.  When they began dating several years later and eventually married, it was a passion for food that served as a threadline for their entire relationship.  Dozens of wonderful restaurant experiences served as benchmarks for some of the most memorable and important days of their lives.

Larry and Rebecca's dream evolved from these experiences into a new life pursuit.  They aimed to create a restaurant that would serve as a memorable backdrop to others' important vacation memories.  Parador is the culmination of what Larry and Rebecca love to stumble upon while traveling - a casual, tasty establishment where folks from all walks of life gather to eat, drink, and share good times.

On a trip to Spain in 2010, Larry and Rebecca were inspired by the Spanish culture, particularly the tapas style of dining.  They enjoyed that eating out isn't just about the food; it's friends clinking glasses, a couple on their honeymoon, sun-soaked patrons recapping their days' adventures.  This is the atmosphere Larry and Rebecca hope to build at Parador, and one of the reasons that they selected the vacation locale of Egg Harbor, Wisconsin.

Fortuitously, Larry spent 15 years professionally developing his food and beverage passion.  For three years prior to opening Parador, Larry worked in every facet of Food & Beverage Management at Trump International Hotel and Tower - Chicago.  Prior to Trump, Larry worked in Management for Hilton Corp. in Chicago.  Larry cut his teeth as a server at the historic Hacienda del Sol in Tucson, Arizona, before working at the Bartolotta Restaurant Group in Milwaukee and then at Valentino Las Vegas in The Venetian.

Rebecca's love affair with the Iberian Peninsula began when she was born in Portugal.  She moved stateside as a youth, but was fortunate to spend a semester in Toledo, Spain in a study abroad program while at the University of Notre Dame.  Rebecca graduated with degrees in Accounting and Spanish and subsequently worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers in their audit division.  After several years of auditing Fortune 500 companies, Rebecca transitioned from the audit world to the corporate world at The Boeing Company, until leaving to open Parador.

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